About Me

My name is Susan Hudson.  I’m a geographer, researcher, computer programmer, and writer. I’m also a pastor’s wife and worship leader. The first Bible I received as a young girl highlighted the words of Jesus in red letters. I’m still a “Red Letter Christian,” one who ascribes special importance to the words of Jesus.

Some people believe that the only important thing about Jesus is that he saved us from our sins by dying on the cross.  Most churches tend to emphasise what Jesus did, and downplay what Jesus said.  When I read the Gospel it seems to me that Jesus spent a lot of time teaching, but many Christians (and even pastors) are either ignorant about or struggle with these teachings. As a follower of Jesus I want to be sure I’m faithfully following him, and I think the best way to do that is to filter out all the other voices and teachings in the Bible and listen to Jesus’ voice through his own words. I think that Jesus’ words lead us to the heart of God, and that’s my destination.

This blog provides personal commentary and reflections on all of the words of Jesus in the Book of Matthew using the Good News version of the Bible.  The best way to explore it is by going to the “Index” tab for a full listing of all my posts.  I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them!



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